Sparkbrook & Balsall Heath Timebank is a skills and time-sharing co-operative set up and run by people who live and work in the Sparkbrook and Balsall Heath areas of Birmingham, England. We use time as a currency – so that people can get things done without money. Click here to learn more about timebanking and how it works.

We decided to set up this Timebank in 2015 and want to increase our membership and get some trades going. We have set this site up with help from Birmingham TimebanksAshram Moseley Housing Association and Chamberlain Forum.

Behind the public part of the site is the Birmingham Timebanks Members’ Area where members can advertise the skills and time they have to offer and what they need help with, as well as transfer time to other members in the timebank or across the city. To enquire about joining, please click here.

The system simply provides a way for members to find out what each other has to offer: there is no guarantee of the quality of service provided. Users must take all appropriate steps to safeguard their interests and those of anyone for whom they are responsible. It is possible to advertise services like childcare on the site – but you should NOT take membership of the timebank as a sign that someone is necessarily trustworthy. Use the system to trade with people you know and trust.

When you join, you get a password which enables you to get in to the Members’ Area of Birmingham Timebanks. If you are already a member, login now and start having a look around. If you need a hand to use it, then come along to one of our meetings – see the News page for details.

If you aren’t a member yet, then please use the form on the Join the Timebank page to get in touch.