Using the Timebank

Help for users/ timebank members:

How do I sign in to use the system?

You need to sign on the website if you want to use the timebank system.  You can do this at the top right of any page on the site where it says ‘Login to the Members’ Area’.  Put in your username and password and press the login button – and you’ll be logged in.

What if I have lost my username and/or password?

Your username will normally be your first name and your second name all lower case without any spaces, eg: Michael Jackson would be michaeljackson; and Mary Berry would be maryberry. If you are a member of Birmingham Timebanks, but you have forgotten the details you need to login, then either:

  • use the contact form to get in touch and we’ll remind you about your username and set you a new password
  • go to a local meeting of a timebank and the manager there will be able to tell you your username and reset your password.

If you haven’t joined Birmingham Timebanks, you won’t have a username and password yet. You need to join (see above) to be able to login and use the system!

How can I ask for other people’s skills and time?

You need to be logged in to do this (see above).  When you are logged in, you can:

How can I offer the skills and time I have?

You need to be logged in to do this (see above).  When you are logged in, you can:

Can I go back and edit anything I have posted on the system?

Yes, when you are logged in, you can edit an advert you have placed.  The easiest way if you just want to add some extra information – like a contact phone number for example, is to find the advert on the system and click on ‘Leave a Reply’.

  • on the advert – which you can find using the searches (see above).  You need to click on the edit button (in the bottom right of the ad)
  • via the View/Edit Your Profile section.  You can get a list of the adverts you have posted under the ‘My Posts’ tab and they can be edited from there.

How can I use the system to  ‘pay’ hours to someone?

You can pay hours to any other Birmingham Timebanks member using the Make a Transfer form.  You will need to know the person’s username.  Usually this is their first name and second name in lower case without any spaces, eg taylorswift or fionabruce etc.  If you type in the first few letters of a username, the system will make some suggestions based on existing members.  If the person or group you want to pay isn’t yet a member of Birmingham Timebanks, then get them to join (see above) so you can give them some time!

When you have chosen the person or group that you want to paywill need to input the number of hours you want to transfer.  The system works on decimal hours which means, for example:

1.5 = one and a half hours

0.25 = a quarter of an hour, ie 15 minutes

3.0 = three hours exactly

When you have entered the number of hours you wish to pay, press the Transfer button.  The system will move the number of hours you have said from your account to the person or group you have specified.

How do I remind someone to pay me some hours?

When you do someone a good turn using the system, let them know your username so that they can pay you the hours needed to cover your time. If they don’t pay you straight away then you can remind them by posting a reply to their advert – giving your username and the number of hours to pay.

If you have a dispute about payment (including someone refusing to pay) then contact a timebank manager (see below) and explain the problem.

How can I check my time balance?

You can check how many hours you are in credit, or owe, using the View Your Time Account page.

What if I have any other problems using the system?

If you have any problems using the system or disputes with other users, please either: