Joining a Timebank

Joining Birmingham Timebanks

You can join Birmingham Timebanks if you want to use the system to trade time and skills with others.

You can also use the system to donate your time to local good causes and charities that are members of the timebank.

If you are an local group or an organisation that is active in Birmingham, you can open an account here and use it to reward volunteers or to collect donations of time and skills from supporters etc.

If you are part of your own network of people who trade time amongst themselves (for example a childcare circle or a group of car-sharers) you can use the Timebank system to keep a record of hours (even if you only want to advertise time swaps privately amongst people you know).

Birmingham Timebanks is free to join.  Joining does not mean to have to trade.  How you use the system is up to you.

You can either join by coming along to a local Timebank meeting if there’s one that is convenient for you to get to; or you may apply here on this website.  When you are accepted as a member, you will be given a username and password which you will need to sign in to the  system. If you go to a local meeting you will also get a membership card with your username and password on it (keep it somewhere safe).

Please note: you should not use Birmingham Timebanks to trade your skills and time with anyone you do not trust or know well enough to judge in terms of the reliability of their work; safety and security etc.  Birmingham Timebanks is a place for trading and keeping a record of trades.  It does not assure the quality of any service offered and members are not subject to Disclosure and Barring checks.  If you are thinking of using the system to trade childcare; services for looking after young people; or adults; or valuable property, for example, you must take the same care that you would if you were buying these services in any other way.